Featuring Quality made various style traps, pots, and crabbing needs for the  serious or not so serious crabber.  Whether you are just out to have fun or the serious crabber, I can supply your need for a quality product. My traps, pots, etc are not assembly line made, each one is made indivually with attention to detail , and made to last using American Made Riverdale Wire. I can customize a product to meet your need. I have over 40 yrs experience as a Certified Welder , Fabricator
    Made with 1.5 x 1.5 vinyl coated wire. Steel frames and SS hog rings. The door lines are heavy #4 loktite and have a snood for bait holder. Floats and draw lines are sold separate. Priced: $15.50 each.Twelve for $180. Dozen Rigged w/15' & float $235.
    Made with 1.5 x 1.5 vinyl coated wire. 12" x 12" x 6" with two doors. The door lines are #4 loktite heavy line. A bungee bait holder with SS hog rings. Priced $11 each....Twelve for $120
    I have two sizes of pots. A full size comerical pot 24"x18"x24", with four funnel entrances, a upper chamber (parlor) full bait chamber (1x.5 wire) and full size door. Pots have a biodegradable ringed panel per N.J state Law Priced: $50 each...
  4. 1/2 SIZE POTS
    1/2 Pots are 24"x18"x12" in size, they have 2 funnel entrances and no parlor. Includes a full bait chamber (1x.5 wire) and a full door. A biodegradable ringed panel per N.J law ideal for low water. Priced: $35 each... Discount for Quantities
    Dip nets are made with vinyl coated hex wire attached to a solid 7/16" aluminum rim welded to a 6' length of 3/4" clam rake with threads on the end of the handle. Hoops are approx 15" in diameter. A nice sturdy dip net made to last, Priced: $55. each
    All types of Welding available, trailer repairs, modifications etc. Over 40 years experience in all phases, including Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel. Aluminum Rod Holders custom built. Give a call with your need.
          Presently three types of floats:

Economy floats, approx. 1" x 5" rigged with 15' of heavy #4 loktite line           Priced: $3.25 ea.

   Can floats, approx. 3" x 4" rigged with 15' of heavy #4 loktite line    Priced: $5. ea.

    Barrel Floats, approx. 4" x 5" rigged with 15' of #4 loktite line.           Priced $6. ea.

         New 2 door Topless Traps:

15" x 15" Riverdale Coated wire with stainless top frame, includes 1.5 x .5 bait cage plus heavy door lines. Great for deploying hot spots, for several crabs on one pull and room for bigger crabs.
     Priced at $25 ea.

                        Eel Pots

    12" x 12" x 30"

    Priced at $65. Ea

                                                             Aluminum Tee Handle Hooks: 

Approx. 30" in length x 7/16 dia.
     Priced: $20.
     I recondition Saltwater fishing Rods, I do the normal repair of guides and tips. I can rebuild your special Rod to the colors you like.
( As a example I have redone Rods in the Flyers colors, Spurs colors, etc.) I specialize in reconditioning Saltwater Rods from the 40's (including bamboo) up to the present. Can custom a rod to you liking. I have many used  rods for sale at great prices. Generally I will have to see your rod and talk with you as to what you want done for pricing.